Under Construction: Milburn Country Club, part III

Projects like the Milburn Country Club present a special challenge. On the projects where there are only a few owners, we are able to bring the client in every step of the way to see progress first hand. But for Milburn, where there are over one hundred invested party members, we had to do things a little differently.

Last weekend we had the second of the two scheduled walkthroughs of Milburn. The Helix design team hosted hourly tours from 10am to 4pm. During these tours we guided the country club members through the space, explaining design decisions and answering any questions along the way.

The feedback was overwhelmingly positive. Scott, Intern Architect on the Helix design team said:

The main feedback I got was on the shaping of the spaces and the interest was drawn in particular to the clean detailing of the ceilings at this stage. The exterior of the building was well received and many comments with regards to a good scale and overall comfort level of the future inhabitants. […]  Other areas of excitement include our homage to their history through our use of building materials, specifically the charred wood (also known as Shu Sugi Ban) that sheathes the signature room as well as the careful consideration the design team put into the siting of the building. Most country clubhouses are set further back from the golf course. In this case, we altered the architecture of the golf course in order to push the building further in, and bring the course up around the project. This gives us magnificent opportunity to capture the beauty of the course from various interior spaces.

How the Shu Sugi Ban was made a few weeks ago:


More images of the tour:


It was such a nice day out that people were golfing – in shorts. In December.

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