… Still a little sore, but for such a GREAT cause!

Sunday, five Helixers and one… uhhh… make that one and a half (congrats to Ryan and Adria!) Helix supporters braved impending storm clouds to join thousands of other participants in the 22nd annual Trolley Run. This race, benefitting the Children’s Center for the Visually Impaired, is the largest timed 4-mile race in the United States. The race’s course winds from Waldo, through Brookside, and into the Plaza where a huge party awaits the tired, but cheerful finishers. Scattered reports indicate that a Krispy Kreme booth may have been spotted this year somewhere in the vicinity of Central Street and Ward Parkway, but confirmation is pending.

Helix’s dream team (in no particular order) consisted of:
Bryan “The Bullet” Gross
“Get There in a Jiffy” John Waller
“Recklessly Rapid” Ryan Hunter
Adria “The Accelerator” Hunter
“Lightning” Leah Nordhus
Curtis “Speedball” Simmons

We won’t brag too much, but race results may be found at www.trolleyrun.org.

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