reStart Christmas Event

On Wednesday, December 1, 2010 Helix began what we hope will be a new annual tradition with the reStart Youth Center.

ReStart Inc. “provides shelter and supportive services to homeless men, women, youth and families with the goals of helping persons move toward independence and self-sufficiency and ending homelessness in our community.” So this year Helix donated a 7.5-foot, pre-lit Christmas tree, complete with handmade ornaments and gifts for each person at the Youth Center, which provides emergency shelter for 10 homeless and runaway teenagers ages 12 to 18.

To begin this new tradition, we gathered around the big red table, had a potluck-style lunch, and created handmade ornaments from craft paper and old wallcovering samples.

The next day, four of the Helix group joined the 6 girls and 4 guys at the Youth Center for an afternoon of ornament-making, tree-decorating, and gift-giving. That’s our own Sarah Godfrey (above, foreground), busily making ornaments for the tree, and Lora Everett in the background.

For information on how you can either donate to the reStart Youth Center, or help out by volunteering, click here.

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