Valorem Consulting

Suiting a company’s needs from start-up through major growth.

As Valorem Consulting has matured from a new technology startup into one of the fastest growing Microsoft partners in the industry, the design team helped them create a flexible work environment that can adapt as the company continues to grow. It features an open, free-address office environment with a variety of conference, lounge and informal seating areas that allow team members to select the space that is most conducive to the work they are doing.

Location: Kansas City, MO
Size: 10,000 SF

When Valorem grew beyond their initial space, the design team assisted them in applying the same principles to an additional 10,000 SF within the same building. The design of their space embraces the raw structure of the historic building while reflecting the progressive culture of Valorem. Exposed brick, concrete floors and steel are balanced by insertions of reclaimed wood, graphic murals by a local artist and custom-fabricated felt walls that provide physical and acoustical separation between spaces.

A large focal felt wall, created by a local fabricator, provides a central point of interest adjacent to the centrally located conference room. The wall doubles as a partial room divider, while defining a clear area for work stations and helping to improve the acoustics in the space.

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