Unforked, Woodside Village

Crafting an unexpected destination for an unrivaled experience

Unforked has earned an undeniable reputation in the fast-casual market for utilizing fresh, local ingredients to create chef-inspired meals and stay true to its “honest clean food” ethos. Expanding on their two existing locations, the newest Unforked is a refined evolution of their brand to integrate seamlessly into the context of the Woodside Village neighborhood.

In the midst of youthful energy, a vigilant focus on wellness, and a preference for more upscale amenities, the new Unforked offers both convenience and indulgence. A dedicated counter for food delivery or carryout orders provides convenience for those on-the-go, and comfortable spaces and a robust wine and drink selection invite guests to stay a while.

No matter what type of customer, they are treated to an engaging experience representative of Unforked’s brand. Their signature bright mustard yellow, use of natural wood, and cheeky identity coalesce into a space that will surprise and delight patrons. An open kitchen gives them a perfect view of the fresh ingredients that are being used in their meals. Throughout the space, numerous iterations of the U-shape are subtle reminders of the Unforked logo. The youthful energy even carries into the restrooms, which were designed to serve as the perfect background for the ubiquitous bathroom selfie. 

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