Synergy Services Children’s Center

Providing a safe place to grow and stay

The Children’s Center began with a 2,500 square foot home on a six acre site generously donated to Synergy Services. With this gift, the goal to construct a 10,000 square foot center that doubles bed capacity for the emergency shelter of children ages 0-12 began. Utilizing the existing home for an art studio, counseling spaces and offices, the new 7,500 square foot addition houses areas for sleep, eating and play. The design of the addition is in response to the scale and height of the neighborhood around it while also creating a safe, inviting place for children to stay. This project furthers Synergy Services mission to eliminate family violence, abuse and neglect by providing quality services for persons of all ages and continues our decade long relationship with Synergy Services.

Location: Kansas City, MO
Square-Feet: 10,000

At the Children’s Center, our goal is to create a state of safety and trust that invites children to explore, heal, play, and engage in an environment that builds resilience.”

Dennis Meier
Associate Executive Director
Synergy Services

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