KCAI Student Residence Hall and Dining Center

Looking beyond the traditional student housing model to create an environment tailored to art students

The Kansas City Art Institute’s new student living center is designed to enhance freshman experience and attract top art students to the campus. Designed through a partnership with Christopher Carvell Architects, the four-story student residence building includes 227 beds and common areas for study, fitness, laundry, socializing and other amenities. The connected dining center is designed to serve the whole campus with multiple food service venues. 

Location: Kansas City, MO
Square-Feet: 85,000

An adjacent courtyard space with terraced seating offers an indoor-outdoor experience for dining, socializing and working. Located prominently along Warwick Boulevard, the architecture of this transformational new building compliments the history and traditions of KCAI, while expressing its forward-thinking evolution. The project is being delivered on a fast-track schedule in order to achieve the client’s goal of opening in December 2019.

The contemporary student coming to KCAI to study deserves the best possible living space and the residence hall will be exactly what the students and their parents want – a home that is comfortable, relaxing and safe, with high connectivity.”

Tony Jones, The Nerman Family President, KCAI

Stairway with window and a cactus
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