Equipping a software company with the space to grow and thrive

iModules, a software company for higher education institutions, was facing a challenge common to many growing technology companies in the region: creating a space that could accommodate their continued growth and showcase their long-term goals and workplace culture. Through a collaborative process, Helix and iModules developed a space that will become a hub for innovation.

Location: Kansas City, MO
Square-Feet: 24,000

The design process was a series of charrettes and conversations to gain a better understanding of their company culture, which helped determine what their needs are and how that can be reflected in the look and feel. iModules recently rebranded, and they worked in tandem with our interior designers to integrate their brand throughout the space. Our team also identified feasible real estate options through a series of test-fits.

Goals for this project include a better control of acoustics, providing visual connection across multiple departments, and foster collaboration through provided areas dedicated to group-work or meetings. Expanded amenities in the space include a cafe, updated lobby and entrance, and centrally located collaboration spaces.

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