HighTower Furniture

Creating a backdrop to showcase craftsmanship

HighTower Furniture has assembled a collection of today’s best American and Scandinavian furniture designers and products. With offices and manufacturing on both coasts, they chose Kansas City as their home for sales and service, as well as their first showroom and event space. HighTower’s Showroom and Offices have given two condemned, broken buildings new life. Combining the buildings’ original structure with HighTower’s modern furniture line has resulted in a new space that is as aesthetically diverse as the Crossroads Arts District in which it resides.

Location: Kansas City, MO
Size: 4,500 SF

The raw character of the small existing Crossroads warehouse was kept intact, adding backdrops of reclaimed wood and steel elements to contrast the high-end finishes of the furniture on display. Unique details are found throughout the space and echo the craftsmanship of the HighTower brand.

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