New Website

So you’ve probably noticed that things are a little different around here. A bit brighter. A lot more awesome. And hey—you might even be reading this post and exploring the new site on your phone or a tablet. Isn’t that a nice change?

Usability and user experience were two of the main drivers in this redesign. We wanted viewers to be able to navigate through a beautiful, functional, and enjoyable website no matter what kind of device they were using to do so. We wanted to pull people into the website with an engaging and interactive design that showcased our clients’ projects. We think that reaching those goals was made possible by teaming with local firms Design Ranch (design) and 40Digits (development).

One of the amazing (in this intern’s humble opinion) features of our website is its responsive design. That means all of the content shifts and adjusts intelligently according to your window size. Like so:

Website animation
animated GIF illustrating the new website’s responsive design

Please explore the new site and email us at to tell us what you think!


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