Ingrams Knows…

If you haven’t gotten the impression yet that Helix is a pretty stellar design firm in Kansas City, we have a little more evidence to try to convince you:

In the August 2010 issue of Ingrams, a Kansas City business magazine, Helix was listed as one of the best Architectural/Design firms in town. Ingrams says: “Silver honors go to Helix Design Group, small of staff but big of vision…” and while they didn’t get our name right (we like Helix but if you insist we also go by Helix Architecture + Design), we agree with their sentiment. A couple of other firms were mentioned in the blurb, but if you’re really interested to see who they are you’ll have to check out the article in Ingrams (hey – this is our blog after all).

As a local design firm, Helix takes pride not only in the end product, but in the service we provide our clients throughout the entire process. Inspiration and design are difficult things to harness and get right, which is why design professionals are still marketable and invaluable even in the digital age. Beyond all the clever details and hip design we unleash, we’re most proud of our ability to serve our clients. What more can you ask for?

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