Helix Bikes/Walks/Carpools its Way to the Top of Green Commute Challenge

Helix continues to rank #1 in small business total miles saved for the Mid-America Regional Council’s Green Commute Challenge. This challenge aims to remove vehicles from the road during peak commute times and during ozone season (July and August) in Kansas City. The contest promotes carpooling, public transportation, bicycling, walking, and telecommuting by issuing points for total miles saved while doing these activities. So far Helix has saved 1,640 miles of driving. The Green Commute Challenge overall has saved 251,499 miles of driving, 232,619 pounds of emissions, and $136,061 in total driving costs. We want to congratulate and thank all of our “rivals” in this challenge for their participation and commitment to reducing Kansas City’s carbon footprint during the month of July. Let’s make August even more effective!

To learn more, visit http://www.marc.org/rideshare/challenge/

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