Employee Spotlight

Each week, in order to highlight how “people matter”, Helix will be featuring an interview of the employees on the blog. This week we are featuring Darius Hollwell. This is one of Darius’s final days around the Helix office as he will be heading back to school to finish his degree this fall.  He will be missed!

Role: Intern

Current Project: East Patrol Campus

What’s your design philosophy? If you design for people first, everything else will fall into place

How do you break a creative block? Walking away from what I’m working on and doing something else.

Why do you do what you do? I love Design

Best Movie Villain: The Joker from the Dark Knight

World Saving Mission: Design that is affordable, sustainable and inspiring

Current Read: I don’t ever have time to read anymore but I love listening to lectures or watching Ted talk as I multitask and do something else.

Guilty Pleasure: Watching Project Runway.

Overrated: Seafood, it just taste so fishy.

Coffee or Tea? Tea

Vampires or Zombies? Vampires, they hunt humans with a little more class

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