Employee Spotlight

This week we are featuring Scott Gibson.

Current Role: Architect

Current Project: Milburn Country Club, KCUMB


What’s your design philosophy?

The best designs come from solving the problems the client didn’t know they had.

How do you break a creative block?

Frank Sinatra and glass of wine usually does the trick.

Why do you do what you do?

I love taking an idea, purifying it, and watching it manifest itself into being.


Best Movie Villain: Darth Vader

World Saving Mission: Probably sounds like a broken record, but bringing quality and resolved design solutions to the masses.

Current Read: Le Corbusier’s Toward a New Architecture

Guilty Pleasure:  Burberry, it’s a dangerous obsession

Overrated:  People’s Opinion

Underrated:  The value of an architect

Coffee or Tea?  COFFEE!

Vampires or Zombies?  Definitely vampires. Villains with castles and suits, how could you go wrong?

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