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12 January, 2017 | Uncategorized

2016 Year in Review


Firm of the Year. Project of the Year. Architect 50. Merger. New birds. New clients. Growth. It’s been a very good year. Here are some of the highlights.

Color + Couture Sneek Peak

Helix is teaming up with Messerschmitt, Inc. for this year’s Color + Couture, a fashion show put on by the International Interior Design Association and creatively-awesome local design firms paired with equally great product manufacturers. Last year we designed this fabulous carpet Can-can dress:

Credit: fotographix studio | joseph xiong

This year’s theme is “Avant-garde” and here is a sneak peak of what we will be strutting down the runway tomorrow night at the Starlight Theatre:

Developments of Distinction

Congratulations to MO Bank, 18Broadway, Legoland/Sea Life, the Kauffman Center for the Performing Arts and Posty Cards for the honor of receiving the Urban Land Institute of Kansas City‘s Developments of Distinction Awards and to Kay Barnes and Carol Marinovich for receiving Lifetime Achievement Awards. The award ceremony will be November 13th, 2012.

Urban Land Institute – Developments of Distinction Awards 2012 from Mike Varel on Vimeo.

15 August, 2012 | Uncategorized

Employee Spotlight

Each week, in order to highlight how “people matter”, Helix will be featuring an interview of the employees on the blog. This week we are featuring Darius Hollwell. This is one of Darius’s final days around the Helix office as he will be heading back to school to finish his degree this fall.  He will be missed!

Role: Intern

Current Project: East Patrol Campus

What’s your design philosophy? If you design for people first, everything else will fall into place

How do you break a creative block? Walking away from what I’m working on and doing something else.

Why do you do what you do? I love Design

Best Movie Villain: The Joker from the Dark Knight

World Saving Mission: Design that is affordable, sustainable and inspiring

Current Read: I don’t ever have time to read anymore but I love listening to lectures or watching Ted talk as I multitask and do something else.

Guilty Pleasure: Watching Project Runway.

Overrated: Seafood, it just taste so fishy.

Coffee or Tea? Tea

Vampires or Zombies? Vampires, they hunt humans with a little more class

Helix Displays Art From The Kansas City Collection

A new art collection is traveling among Kansas City’s businesses, and Helix has several of the specially selected pieces. The Kansas City Collection was formed to raise awareness of regional artists. Every six months the works will rotate among 10 corporate partners including; Barkley, Bishop-McCann, Kauffman Foundation.  To learn more about this collection or to inquire about purchasing one of these works of art, visit

11 August, 2010 | Uncategorized

Helix Bikes/Walks/Carpools its Way to the Top of Green Commute Challenge

Helix continues to rank #1 in small business total miles saved for the Mid-America Regional Council’s Green Commute Challenge. This challenge aims to remove vehicles from the road during peak commute times and during ozone season (July and August) in Kansas City. The contest promotes carpooling, public transportation, bicycling, walking, and telecommuting by issuing points for total miles saved while doing these activities. So far Helix has saved 1,640 miles of driving. The Green Commute Challenge overall has saved 251,499 miles of driving, 232,619 pounds of emissions, and $136,061 in total driving costs. We want to congratulate and thank all of our “rivals” in this challenge for their participation and commitment to reducing Kansas City’s carbon footprint during the month of July. Let’s make August even more effective!

To learn more, visit

Historic O.H. Dean Building Renovation Incorporates Geothermal Technology

Construction continues on the renovation of the historic O.H. Dean building at 3635 Main Street. The Reeves-Wiedeman Company purchased the building and is making it their new headquarters. It’s a really great thing to see a 125 year old company move its headquarters back into KC’s urban core, where it was started.

These construction progress photos show an element of the building we are very excited about; those black tubes you see sticking out of the ground are actually the water loops that the building will use to heat and cool itself. By taking advantage of the constant ground temperature of 55-57 degrees, the building’s mechanical system will be super energy efficient. In all, 24 wells are spaced along the rear parking lot of the building, and each well is 300 feet deep! Energy savings will offset the added capital costs of this system in 5 years; after which the savings keep accumulating. When your intention is to buy a building and hold it long term, ground source heat pump systems are the way to go. And, the energy tax credits available today can make the payback even shorter.

1 July, 2010 | Uncategorized

Doggish Day at Helix

On Friday, Helix added five new members to their workforce. Unfortunately, however, they did not display the professional behavior expected of new hires. Shockingly, these five spent most of the day sleeping under their desks or chasing each other around the firm. Despite their poor work habits, we enjoyed their company and will probably invite them back again next year.

Meet the new staff:


Bailey (left) ; Rowser (right)



For more information on “Take Your Dog to Work Day”

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