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Helix to Transform Trozzolo’s New Headquarters

Yeah yeah, crumbling interior, asbestos problems, improper plumbing, bla, bla, bla. Been there done that, says Helix. From the looks of this video, Trozzolo isn’t too worried either.

Trozzolo bought a “gem” and asked Helix to help remove the quotation marks.  It will probably take some late nights by Jeff, Lora, Mason, Jay, and Kathy, but this talented team will have the 5 story abandoned pile of $@*# whipped into shape before you can say “Gee Whiz Nice Building.”

Bryan Gross attends Kansas City Design Center Critiques

The Kansas City Design Center runs a fifth-year design studio for architecture, interior design and urban design students from both the University of Kansas and Kansas State University Schools of Architecture. This past Friday, April 30, was the final end-of-year critique for the 18 students that elected to do their final year of studies in this dynamic Kansas City design lab. Located on Baltimore Avenue between 10th and 11th Streets, the Design Center studio focuses on urban issues and design opportunities within the Kansas City area. This year the focus was on the Crossroads Arts District, the area of KC where Helix’s office resides. Because of our familiarity with the area, and since many of our projects are located within the Crossroads, Bryan Gross was invited to be one of the local design professionals that spent the day examining and critiquing the student projects. The projects included a small pocket park on Southwest Boulevard, a plan to expand Washington Park to the north across the railroad tracks and into the Crossroads, multiple proposals for magnet schools, a media center, residential buildings and parking structures. Many of the projects included proposals to enliven the arts focus of the area with art galleries, outside film projections, and exterior performance spaces. All of the proposals were thoughtful and would have a positive impact on the area.

The Design Center also sponsors public lectures and discussion forums that feature leading architects, urban designers and others interested in design, architecture, and the development of a livable urban context. More public dialogue on how specific areas of KC can expand and evolve can only help our city become a more dynamic, creative and competitive place, and we applaud the Kansas City Design Center for initiating that effort.

Dale Duncan Presents to the United Nations

On March 18-19, Dale Duncan visited the United Nations Headquarters in New York and made a presentation on sustainable development of ICT (Information and Communications Technology) model village centers to world leaders at the Infopoverty World Conference. This conference was organized by The Observatory for Cultural and Audiovisual Communication in the Mediterranean and the World (OCCAM). According to Dale, the trip was a huge success and big step toward solving global poverty issues.

Backing up a bit for some history… In the last 10 years, the UN, in their quest to reduce world poverty, has developed ICT model villages for impoverished and disadvantaged communities. The current model stresses the importance of satellite connectivity and e-services among other ideas.

Recognizing that sustainable development in these models is the next obvious step, Helix and ACI (Affecting Change International) developed a model for a village center made of discarded shipping containers. Breaking the concept into three separate functions – medical, educational, and sustainable – Dale presented the efficiencies and economy of housing these functions in self-contained, durable units. Among the initiatives discussed were ways to provide tools for conserving water, managing wastes, and providing distance education to remote communities. His ideas stressed the importance of adapting the contents of each village center to regional needs via partnerships with organizations that have existing relationships with the communities served.

The team members working on this project included David Neeley with ACI and multiple Helix associates: Dale Duncan, Lora Everett, Trudy Faulker, Linda Glazier, Sarah Godfrey, Bryan Gross, Ryan Hunter, Erica Muhlenbruch, Mark Neibling, Jacob Palan, Carly Pumphrey, Andrea Regnier, Shawn Sanem, Dustin Schafer, Curtis Simmons, and Kristine Sutherlin.

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