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2 August, 2012 | Helix People, Recognition

Congratulations to Helix’s Kristine Sutherlin


Click here to learn more about the AIA Pillars Program

Kristine recently graduated from the AIA Pillars Leadership Program.

“The purpose is to prepare a representative cross section of the chapter’s emerging leaders for their role in shaping the future of both the architectural profession and the greater Kansas City metropolitan area.”

Congratulations Kristine!  We’re proud to call you one of our own!


5 September, 2010 | Recognition, Sustainability

Helix Bikes/Walks/Carpools its Way to First Place!

A few weeks ago we shared with you that Helix was taking part in the Green Commute Challenge; a regional competition hosted by the Mid-Amaerica Regional Council aimed at removing vehicles from the road during peak times – which in turn positively impacts the city on rather unfortunate ozone days.

45 teams, and 1,158 people participated in the challenge, effectively saving:

  • 607,658 miles of driving
  • 562,042 pounds of emissions
  • $328,743 in driving costs

Helix came out on top of Small Employers, and overall ranked third in participation points when compared to all competitors! Way to go, team Helix (and take that, competition). Well done to all participants for taking part in a two-month event that sought to positively impact not only our environment, but our city. If you’re curious about what your own commute costs you in dollars, and how it effects the environment, take a look at the emissions calculator, provided by KCATA.

3 September, 2010 | Recognition

Ingrams Knows…

If you haven’t gotten the impression yet that Helix is a pretty stellar design firm in Kansas City, we have a little more evidence to try to convince you:

In the August 2010 issue of Ingrams, a Kansas City business magazine, Helix was listed as one of the best Architectural/Design firms in town. Ingrams says: “Silver honors go to Helix Design Group, small of staff but big of vision…” and while they didn’t get our name right (we like Helix but if you insist we also go by Helix Architecture + Design), we agree with their sentiment. A couple of other firms were mentioned in the blurb, but if you’re really interested to see who they are you’ll have to check out the article in Ingrams (hey – this is our blog after all).

As a local design firm, Helix takes pride not only in the end product, but in the service we provide our clients throughout the entire process. Inspiration and design are difficult things to harness and get right, which is why design professionals are still marketable and invaluable even in the digital age. Beyond all the clever details and hip design we unleash, we’re most proud of our ability to serve our clients. What more can you ask for?

Dale Duncan Presents to the United Nations

On March 18-19, Dale Duncan visited the United Nations Headquarters in New York and made a presentation on sustainable development of ICT (Information and Communications Technology) model village centers to world leaders at the Infopoverty World Conference. This conference was organized by The Observatory for Cultural and Audiovisual Communication in the Mediterranean and the World (OCCAM). According to Dale, the trip was a huge success and big step toward solving global poverty issues.

Backing up a bit for some history… In the last 10 years, the UN, in their quest to reduce world poverty, has developed ICT model villages for impoverished and disadvantaged communities. The current model stresses the importance of satellite connectivity and e-services among other ideas.

Recognizing that sustainable development in these models is the next obvious step, Helix and ACI (Affecting Change International) developed a model for a village center made of discarded shipping containers. Breaking the concept into three separate functions – medical, educational, and sustainable – Dale presented the efficiencies and economy of housing these functions in self-contained, durable units. Among the initiatives discussed were ways to provide tools for conserving water, managing wastes, and providing distance education to remote communities. His ideas stressed the importance of adapting the contents of each village center to regional needs via partnerships with organizations that have existing relationships with the communities served.

The team members working on this project included David Neeley with ACI and multiple Helix associates: Dale Duncan, Lora Everett, Trudy Faulker, Linda Glazier, Sarah Godfrey, Bryan Gross, Ryan Hunter, Erica Muhlenbruch, Mark Neibling, Jacob Palan, Carly Pumphrey, Andrea Regnier, Shawn Sanem, Dustin Schafer, Curtis Simmons, and Kristine Sutherlin.

5 January, 2010 | Awards, Recognition

Humble design projects win architectural awards

Helix Architecture + Design was awarded top honors in the most recent American Institute of Architects/Kansas City’s design competition. The firm was honored for its design of the utility conduit bridge that spans Interstate 670 in downtown Kansas City. Helix was also recognized for its work on the Missouri Bank building in the Crossroads Arts District. (more…)

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