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22 December, 2014 | Awards

2014 Bud Prize Award Honorees

For the past ten years, Helix has sponsored a scholarship competition for a 2nd year architecture studio at University of Missouri Kansas City in honor of the late Edwin “Bud” Persons. Bud was a magnetic, enthusiastic, and passionate interior architect at Helix and faculty member at the UMKC School of Architecture & Urban Planning who inspired his co-workers, students, and clients alike. When Bud unexpectedly passed away in 2002, Helix chose to remember him in a way that would allow Bud posthumously to inspire students and to support a program he held in the highest regard.

In addition to the connection Bud had to the University, this year in particular Helix has a proud affiliation with UMKC. This fall, Helix and partner HGA were awarded the UMKC Downtown Conservatory of Music and Dance landmark project in the Kansas City Crossroads, adjacent to the Kaufman Center for Performing Arts. John Eck, the outstanding assistant professor who lead this 2nd year architecture studio, chose this exciting conjuncture as an opportunity for his students to have their finger on the Conservatory pulse. He created a premise and program for their project to correlate to the University’s instigation of a downtown campus. The project was a mixed-use music store to supplement the downtown UMKC conservatory, including five apartments, a café, and some ancillary spaces. The results were impressive and inspiring.

This year, the winner of the 2014 Bud Prize certainly would have made Bud proud. Harison Pitchford, this year’s Bud Prize recipient, displayed excellence in all aspects of design. His thoughtful and provoking solution derived from a process steeped in hard work, ardor, creativity, and unmistakable talent. In fact, Harison’s capabilities inspired a discussion of innate versus learned skills amongst several of the event attendees. Certainly Harison worked tirelessly on the design, presentation, hand drawings, diagrams, graphics, and model for his solution; however, it was equally apparent that Harison possesses unique abilities and truly is gifted in the realm of design.

In addition to the winner, Harison Pitchford, two honorable mentions were awarded to Chelsea Bainbridge and Alyssa Sackman. Chelsea’s unit floor plans and music store exhibited great understanding of interior scale of space; and Alyssa’s compact, diminutive facility featured an open courtyard, or quad, that was delicate and inspiring as a student hub for the downtown campus.

Congratulations to you all, and thank you for perpetuating the passion and legacy of Bud Persons.


Helix | HGA Team are Awarded UMKC Conservatory Project!

We are honored and excited to be selected with HGA to create a new home for the UMKC Downtown Conservatory of Music and Dance in the Kansas City Crossroads.  This is a monumental time for UMKC and the Kansas City community, and we are very eager to collaborate with all on this landmark project.  The design charrette process that took us to this point was intensive and many schemes for the building were explored, including the rendering shown at the right.




Open PhotoHelix welcomes UMKC to the KC Crossroads! Helix welcomes UMKC to the KC Crossroads!
Open PhotoPictured here is one of the options explored during the design charrette process. Pictured here is one of the options explored during the design charrette process.

2 August, 2014 | Awards, Culture, Helix People

Helix Named One of Kansas City’s “Best Companies to Work For” for the 5th Year in a Row!

Ingram’s “Best Companies to Work For” recognizes workplaces of the highest quality in the greater Kansas City area, those whose management practices, educational and advancement opportunities, benefits and spirit of teamwork set them apart from thousands of other companies throughout the region.

This year, we are very proud to know that Helix is receiving this title for the 5th year in a row!  Thank you Ingrams, and thank you Helix for making our work such an enjoyable experience for all!

Award Season

Award Season is upon us, and Helix-designed projects have been taking the stage- and in some instances- dominating it!  This month we are celebrating the success of 18th &Vine’s Highland Place re-development, as it has proven deserving of the state’s Preserve Missouri Award and Historic KC’s Preservation Award under “Best Preservation Practices.”  Last Friday’s Capstone Award Ceremony recognized three Helix projects: The Richard Bolling Federal Building (with 1.2 million gross sf), Webster Garage in Kansas City’s Crossroads, and Sporting Innovation’s renovation of the historic Lowe and Campbell Building (which also received a Historic KC Award, under “Contemporary Design”).

We want to thank everyone who contributed to the success of these projects!

22 December, 2013 | Awards, Recognition

Bud Prize Winner

It is with excitement that Helix recognizes this year’s Bud Prize winner, Anna Rayburn.  For those of you who are not familiar, The Bud Prize is a design competition among second year Architecture and Urban Planning students at the University of Missouri- Kansas City (UMKC).   Established by UMKC and Helix Architecture + Design, the Bud Prize honors the contributions of the deceased “Bud” Persons to the industry through the yearly scholarship.  This year marks the 10th year in which the scholarship has been awarded.  Congratulations, Anna!

12 December, 2013 | Art, Awards, Helix People, Leadership, Recognition

AIA Architect of the Year

For Jay Tomlinson, this year has brought high-profile recognition to his lifetime achievements. During the annual Kansas City American Institute of Architects Installation of Officers this past Tuesday, Jay was named the AIA KC “Architect of the Year.” This title follows his recent ArtsKC Virtuoso designation and the most prestigious AIA acknowledgement possible, his election to Fellowship earlier this year.

Dubbed an “architectural alchemist, urban revitalist and arts supporter” by ArtsKC, Jay’s transformative efforts are being recognized in big ways. Perhaps his success at creating significant architecture, enhancing artistic endeavors and resurrecting Downtown Kansas City is due to the fact that he views these initiatives collectively, rather than individually.

We congratulate Jay on his most recent 2013 award and, more importantly, the accomplishments that have earned him the recognition!

The Importance of Working with Section 3 and MWBE Businesses

It’s about helping the city build itself, together.

-Reeves W. Wiedeman

Like many of our previous projects—such as the KCFD Station 36, KCPD Headquarters, Highland Place, and the Richard Bolling Federal Building—the KCPD East Patrol Campus has involved an number of MWBE and Section 3 businesses.

Because the East Patrol Campus will be located at 27th and Vine, an area that is predominantly minority populated, Helix felt it was crucial to be as inclusive as possible. We wanted to involve the local community in our design efforts. Out of the twenty-two firms making up the architectural/design team, thirteen are Certified MBE (Minority Business Enterprise), WBE (Women Business Enterprise), or Section 3 businesses. A list of design team participants can be found here. Several people belonging to these firms work at our offices to foster collaboration. Helix has since hired an additional three African American artists to participate on exterior design.

It was important for Helix, led by Principal Reeves Wiedeman, to not only meet the requirements for MWBE/Section 3 participation set by the city, but to exceed them. We view MWBE and Section 3 as sensible programs—programs that make both social and business sense. We received the East Patrol Campus contract when the economy was down and, as prime architect, felt it was our responsibility to encourage the economic growth of the area in which we were working. This decision to surpass the minimum requirements reflects several of our company’s core values (Design, Service, Culture, Operations, and Legacy).

We believe in out-serving our client’s expectations.

Helix believes in making smart, progressive, and environmentally responsible choices.

Helix believes in setting the standards others follow.

Read more about the KCPD East Patrol Campus in one of our previous posts.

21 May, 2013 | Awards, Culture, Helix People

Helix recognized as one of Kansas City’s “Best Companies to Work For”

Ingram’s “Best Companies to Work For” recognizes workplaces of the highest quality in the greater Kansas City area, those whose management practices, educational and advancement opportunities, benefits and spirit of teamwork set them apart from thousands of other companies throughout the region.

Why, thank you Ingram’s.

And way to go fellow Helixers!

Read the full article in the May 2013 issue of Ingram’s.

Open PhotoHelix Group Photo Helix Group Photo

Architect’s Top 50

Helix is proud to announce that, as a firm, we are 48th in the U.S. in Design Excellence/Pro Bono architecture and 37th in Sustainability according to ARCHITECT Magazine’s 2012 Top 50 survey.  Check out the other firms around the nation that were recognized by clicking on the image above.

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