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23 September, 2014 | Art, Awards, Design, New Construction

Helix | HGA Team are Awarded UMKC Conservatory Project!

We are honored and excited to be selected with HGA to create a new home for the UMKC Downtown Conservatory of Music and Dance in the Kansas City Crossroads.  This is a monumental time for UMKC and the Kansas City community, and we are very eager to collaborate with all on this landmark project.  The design charrette process that took us to this point was intensive and many schemes for the building were explored, including the rendering shown at the right.




Open PhotoHelix welcomes UMKC to the KC Crossroads! Helix welcomes UMKC to the KC Crossroads!
Open PhotoPictured here is one of the options explored during the design charrette process. Pictured here is one of the options explored during the design charrette process.

6 August, 2014 | Art

Pop-up Charlie can draw anything for you!

Last week, the Helix office got to experience a day of extra-imaginative creativity.  “Pop-up Charlie” came for a visit to our offices, courtesy of Missouri Bank.  A local Kansas City artist, Charlie Mylie, in his famous conical hat, ink, and watercolor supplies brought to life all the visions we could dream up.  One by one, we sat with Charlie to discuss the finer points of animated pets and kayaking moose.  You can see our favorites of the day highlighted here: “Mark Neibling in Real Life” and “Peyton Attacks!”

Open PhotoMark Neibling in Real Life Mark Neibling in Real Life
Open PhotoPeyton Attacks! Peyton Attacks!

27 February, 2014 | Art, Design

Summer Internship

Helix is now accepting applications for summer internships!

Architects, Interior Designers & Interior Architects- please send correspondence to


12 December, 2013 | Art, Awards, Helix People, Recognition

AIA Architect of the Year

For Jay Tomlinson, this year has brought high-profile recognition to his lifetime achievements. During the annual Kansas City American Institute of Architects Installation of Officers this past Tuesday, Jay was named the AIA KC “Architect of the Year.” This title follows his recent ArtsKC Virtuoso designation and the most prestigious AIA acknowledgement possible, his election to Fellowship earlier this year.

Dubbed an “architectural alchemist, urban revitalist and arts supporter” by ArtsKC, Jay’s transformative efforts are being recognized in big ways. Perhaps his success at creating significant architecture, enhancing artistic endeavors and resurrecting Downtown Kansas City is due to the fact that he views these initiatives collectively, rather than individually.

We congratulate Jay on his most recent 2013 award and, more importantly, the accomplishments that have earned him the recognition!

11 October, 2013 | Art, Helix People

It’s All Scissors for Sam

Helix’s participation in Missouri Bank’s annual Rock Paper Scissor’s tournament came with a special twist this year. Sam Loring won our internal RPS tournament and was quickly dubbed “Samscissorhands.” For his First Friday’s performance, he came in costume and made us proud with pursed lips, reclusive demeanor, and scissors-exclusive throws. Although his clever tactics did not produce winning results, they did give all audiences an opportunity to share in laughter.

15 January, 2013 | Art

Composite Structures

Charlotte Street Foundation will be presenting Composite Structures starting this Friday. The show is made of two parts: Mending Fences and Low Accumulations. Composite Structures also features Open Plan, a library and workspace available to the public to examine the relationships between art and architecture in the environment.

la Esquina / 1000 W 25th St. KCMO 64108

Exhibition / January 18-March 2, 2013
Opening reception / January 18 from 6-9pm
Curator’s tour / January 19 at 2pm
“To Scale: Investigating Model Making” / February 23 at 2pm
“Making with Architecture” panel discussion / February 26 from 6-8pm


A full list of participating artists can be found on the Composite Structures web page here. And check out a quick interview with one of the contributing artists:


Charlotte Street Foundation’s UCP Studio Resident: Jaclyn Senne from Charlotte Street Foundation on Vimeo.

Open PhotoComposite Structures Composite Structures

11 October, 2012 | Art, Design, Helix People

Color + Couture Sneek Peak

Helix is teaming up with Messerschmitt, Inc. for this year’s Color + Couture, a fashion show put on by the International Interior Design Association and creatively-awesome local design firms paired with equally great product manufacturers. Last year we designed this fabulous carpet Can-can dress:

Credit: fotographix studio | joseph xiong

This year’s theme is “Avant-garde” and here is a sneak peak of what we will be strutting down the runway tomorrow night at the Starlight Theatre:

22 June, 2012 | Art, Helix People

Artist Marcie Miller Gross Featured in the KC Star

Click image to follow link

Working with felted textiles, Helix’s librarian is featured in the Epsten Gallery’s “Women to Watch” art exhibit.  Congratulations Marcie!

“Women to Watch 2012: Focus on Fiber and Textiles” continues at the Epsten Gallery at Village Shalom, 5500 W. 123rd St., Overland Park, through Sunday. Hours are 11 a.m.-4 p.m. Tuesday through Friday and 1-4 p.m. Saturday and Sunday. For more information, call 913-266-8413 or go to

15 January, 2011 | Art

Team Helix CANstructs

Jan. 12, 2011: Team Helix competed against other Kansas City design and engineering firms to help the fight against hunger and CANstruct (construction where the primary building supply is canned food) a self-supporting structure. At the end of the competition, all cans used in designs were donated and distributed to families in need, with the assistance of the Harvesters Community Food Network.

So, Helix did a submarine out of (navy beans + pork and beans) cans.

Read on. It makes sense.

“Based on the classic science fiction novel Twenty Thousand Leagues Under the Sea, by Jules Verne, 20,000 Cans Under the Sea is a representation of the Nautilus, the submarine featured in the novel and its later film adaptations. Much like a can under the sea, a submarine is a completely sealed environment carrying food and supplies to last months at a time. Interestingly, dried beans were once widely included among staple supplies of the U.S. Navy – hence the term “navy beans” and hence, also, our choice of can.”

We may not have sunk the competition, but we’re pleased with our sub. The structure rises nearly seven feet in the air, took 5 hours to CANstruct (plus a handful of hours to plan), and it includes roughly 3,000 cans and water bottles. Follow the links below to see additional pictures of team Helix in action, some news reports, and a stop-motion video of the CANstruction process. For more information about CANstruction, visit the Harvesters website.

Kansas City Star Images

Kansas City Star Video

Helix CANstruction Time-Lapse

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