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31 October, 2011 | Helix People

Color + Couture!

Helix recently participated in Kansas City’s 6th Annual IIDA Color+Couture Fashion show, where A+D firms are paired with a manufacturer to produce a runway outfit.

The event was held a few weeks ago (Friday, Sept. 23, 2011) at the Kansas City Convention Center Ballroom. Helix was paired with Patcraft carpet and charged with creating an outfit with a musical as inspiration. Helix chose Moulin Rouge!

Here’s our 20-word description:

Equal parts circus and extravagance, a modern take on can-can inspired by the place where it all began: Moulin Rouge.

For our dress creation, we used unbacked carpet in red and dark grey tones, then added netting, trimmings, grommets, and ribbon to make it runway-worthy. Our creation turned out AMAZING! (if we might say so ourselves …) Who would’ve thought carpet would so readily turn into couture!

A few production photos – our Helix team hard at work with sewing, dress fittings and train studies.

Here’s Carly Pumphrey (our lovely model) with Katie Vossman.

Carly again, also a diligent team member, with Sara Fernandez Cendon, working on the train.

Sarah Godfrey (that’s me) at the sewing machine.

Photos from the day of the show – view from the runway and backstage.

Jim Rothfork taking care of last-minute details.

And Carly on the runway!

Check out all the photos from Color+Couture’s facebook page here.

Photos via Christine May | Click Photography, lemonlime |, and Joe Xiong | fotographix studio.

26 October, 2011 | Historic Renovation, In Progress

Tough on Grime

Back in August, our partners at Titan Construction began the exterior renovation of the Police Headquarters. Scope includes masonry restoration and cleaning, window replacement, and a new energy-efficient roof.  With the application of the cleaning products, the stone takes on a rusted look (bright orange streaking), which shows the presence of mold, algae and other biological growth on the surface and within the stone.

(We’ve been thinking … it’s kind of like when the police shine a black light on a crime scene, really. And we like to think of our work as somehow comparable to the work done by our super-tough crime-fighters. We don’t get to feel tough often, you know?)

In any case, the cleaning product will actually continue to clean the stone for several months as it penetrates into the stone. Brilliant! 



7 October, 2011 | Helix People

Born Supremacy

Meet Magda Born, our new resource librarian turned Rock, Paper, Scissors superstar. Because she managed to beat the entire office in a double-bracket tournament of the classic school yard game, we’re sending her to MO Bank’s 3rd annual Rock, Paper, Scissors throwdown tournament.  Let’s not talk about the fact that she’s claimed to have never played the game before but somehow beat everyone (there are still some bruised egos in the office).

The event is taking place tonight from 5:30 p.m. to 9 p.m. at MO Bank Crossroads. Join us for some fun and good beverages (the Roasterie and Boulevard will be there as well).

Are you ready throwdown contenders? Magda is.