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21 July, 2010 | Helix People

Helix and the Firecracker 100

It’s time we let you in on one of our secrets: Helix has a cycling team. While this group is notorious in our office for flaunting their free-style rides, they have been known to dabble in events of a more official (and challenging) nature.

The Team

On Saturday, July 3, Helix’s very own cycling team joined cycling fanatics from all over at the Firecracker 100 in Ottawa, Kansas. The team participated in the annual event whose proceeds went towards the Kansas Jaycees Cerebral Palsy Ranch.

Reeves and Mason Powering Through

You may wonder why it looks as if team Helix is alone on the road; when the crew was confronted with this minor detail during their presentation at our weekly meeting they assured us it had something to do with their impressive speed and ability to keep ahead of the pack. And while the Helix crew appears to be having fun strolling through the beautiful fields of Kansas, rest assured, their collective dedication and fortitude was put to the test.

If you see the team on their regular weekly rides or at cycling events around the Midwest, sporting the new Helix cycling uniform, be sure to say hello!

Historic O.H. Dean Building Renovation Incorporates Geothermal Technology

Construction continues on the renovation of the historic O.H. Dean building at 3635 Main Street. The Reeves-Wiedeman Company purchased the building and is making it their new headquarters. It’s a really great thing to see a 125 year old company move its headquarters back into KC’s urban core, where it was started.

These construction progress photos show an element of the building we are very excited about; those black tubes you see sticking out of the ground are actually the water loops that the building will use to heat and cool itself. By taking advantage of the constant ground temperature of 55-57 degrees, the building’s mechanical system will be super energy efficient. In all, 24 wells are spaced along the rear parking lot of the building, and each well is 300 feet deep! Energy savings will offset the added capital costs of this system in 5 years; after which the savings keep accumulating. When your intention is to buy a building and hold it long term, ground source heat pump systems are the way to go. And, the energy tax credits available today can make the payback even shorter.

1 July, 2010 | Helix People

Doggish Day at Helix

On Friday, Helix added five new members to their workforce. Unfortunately, however, they did not display the professional behavior expected of new hires. Shockingly, these five spent most of the day sleeping under their desks or chasing each other around the firm. Despite their poor work habits, we enjoyed their company and will probably invite them back again next year.

Meet the new staff:


Bailey (left) ; Rowser (right)



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