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3 June, 2010 | Workplace

Helix’s Most EXPLOSIVE News Yet!!!

A bomb scare in the alley behind Helix rocked our world today. Upon hearing a loud explosion, Helix’s Lora Everett looked out the window to see a man emerge from a cloud of smoke and throw a mysterious black box into a nearby clothing donation box. The firetrucks, police, and a bomb squad arrived to investigate. As of this posting, a remote controlled robot is working on the situation. Look for our star witness, Lora, on tonight’s news.

Newly Released Vitagraph Tops the Box Office Charts

As Shirley Helzberg’s third big production in 10 years, the historic Vitagraph Film Exchange Building at 17th and Wyandotte proved to be her most challenging. Fighting through city reviews, permits, and TIF financing approval, Shirley persevered to create a true work of art in Crossroads. The call sheet included a utility pole disappearing act, new set lighting, and a long scene where a very cool parking garage just seemed to emerge from nowhere!

This is not the Vitagraph’s debut appearance. It has been associated with the film industry for years as a Warner Bros. warehouse/distribution facility. Today, however, the building’s leading anchor tenant role will be played by the Kansas City Symphony. Helix’s Trudy Faulkner and Jay Tomlinson who have worked with Shirley on prior productions will once again be added to the credits of another successful preservation of Kansas City history.